Uranium Stocks

This page contains a complete list of Uranium Stocks listed in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Prices on this spreadsheet automatically update during the day. Note that these prices are in local currency, so in order to compare prices directly you need to make exchange rate adjustements. You can download it as a spreadsheet or PDF in order to use it in your research process. Additionally, please check out our extensive coverage of Uranium stocks , ETFs and hedge funds. Note that nothing on this site is considered investment advice. You should use these resources as part of your own research process. Investing in mining stocks involves risk.

Current Price USD
Current Price Local Currency
ASX:BKYBerkeley Energia Ltd$0.490.62AUD
ASX:BMNBannerman Resources Limited$0.150.19AUD
ASX:BOEBoss Energy Ltd$0.150.19AUD
ASX:PDNPaladin Energy Ltd$0.410.52AUD
ASX:PENPeninsula Energy Ltd$0.130.17AUD
ASX:VMYVimy Resources Ltd$0.110.14AUD
CCJCameco Corp$20.0820.08USD
cve:GXUGoviEx Uranium Inc$0.260.32CAD
CVE:PTUPurepoint Uranium Group Inc.$0.160.19CAD
CVE:SYHSkyharbour Resources Ltd$0.390.47CAD
Lon:YCAYellow Cake PLC$370.32265GBP
TSE:AZZAzarga Uranium Corp$0.280.34CAD
TSE:FCUFission Uranium Corp$0.540.66CAD
TSE:LAMLaramide Resources Ltd.$0.460.56CAD
TSE:MGAMega Uranium Ltd$0.230.28CAD
TSE:NXENexGen Energy Ltd$4.785.8CAD
TSE:UUranium Participation Corp$4.705.7CAD
TSE:UEXUEX Corporation$0.330.4CAD
UECUranium Energy Corp.$3.343.34USD
URNMNorth Shore Global Uranium Mining ETF$68.5768.57USD
UUUUEnergy Fuels Inc$6.276.27USD
WSTRFWestern Uranium & Vanadium Corp$2.102.1USD
WWRWestwater Resources Inc$4.114.11USD
ASX:ERAEnergy Resources of Australia Limited$0.160.21AUD
DNNDenison Mines Corp$1.191.19USD
ASX:GGGGreenland Minerals Ltd$0.060.08AUD
CVE:URCUranium Royalty Corp$3.504.25CAD
TSe:GLOGlobal Atomic Corp$2.543.08CAD
ASX:DYLDeep Yellow Limited$0.670.86AUD
CVE:ISOIsoenergy Ltd$2.533.07CAD
ASX:LOTLotus Resources Ltd$0.160.2AUD
TSe:FSYForsys Metals Corp$0.871.06CAD
CVE:EUenCore Energy Corp$1.231.49CAD
TSE:mgaMega Uranium Ltd$0.230.28CAD
CVE:BSKBlue Sky Uranium Corp$0.220.27CAD
CVE:voValOre Metals Corp$0.260.32CAD
ASX:emeEnergy Metals Ltd$0.160.2AUD
asx:toeToro Energy Limited$0.020.03AUD
CVE:pluPlateau Energy Metals Inc$0.550.67CAD
APIAgora Inc$42.9742.97USD
AECAnfield Energy Inc$0.120.12USD
CVE:CVVCanAlaska Uranium Ltd$0.600.73CAD
CVE:FUUFission 3.0 Corp$0.100.12CAD
CVE:FMCForum Energy Metals Corp$0.320.39CAD
AAZAzincourt Energy Corp$0.070.09CAD
cve:MKAMkango Resources Ltd$0.500.5USD
asx:acbA-Cap Energy Ltd$0.050.06CAD
asx:meyMarenica Energy Ltd$0.200.25AUD
asx:aeeAura Energy Limited$0.040.05AUD
vegyfVirginia Energy Resources Inc$0.280.28USD
cve:alAlx Resources Corp$0.080.1CAD
tse:huraHorizons Global Uranium Index ETF$16.1119.55CAD
uraGlobal X Uranium ETF$22.2122.21USD